Who we are as Company Team

APOLLO HEAVY EQUIPMENT LTD (AHEL) is one of the fast growing companies in East African region. Since 2013, my colleagues and I have dedicated ourselves to both the strategic development of the company and the overall advancement of our customers, particularly the construction and mining industry in terms of cultivating new products, new ideas and quality technology to provide the best solutions to contractors.

We have been doing so on understanding that a successful enterprise and a betterment of the society, trudge the path of human evolution hand-in-hand. With a modest beginning we are today at the helm of world-class products. Whether it's the domestic market or international market we never compromise on quality and delivery time.

APOLLO Heavy Equipment

Quality and promptness are ingrained in the very philosophy of our enterprise and are adhered to by every single worker of the company. Where vision transpires into reality, where commitment, dedication and human assets come first, we at APOLLO HEAVY EQUIPMENT LTD feel proud to be part of such a progress.

We understand that success cannot be measured by the amount of wealth our enterprise generates, but the degree of development it brings to the society.