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Mayanga Contractors Co., Ltd

Tanzanian-based road construction contractor Mayanga Contractors Co., Ltd is currently working on the project for the Construction of Chato Airport, Geita Region by employing a range of compaction and paving equipment to speed up work. .

Currently, the contractor has a fleet of Dynapac Paver and rollers, almost all of which are Dynapac models, acquired through local dealer APOLLO HEAVY EQUIPMENT LTD. Some of the machines used by Mayanga Contractors include asphalt pavers, soil rollers, pneumatic rollers and various sizes of tandem rollers.

Mr. Elias, project manager, Mayanga Contractor, plans to expand his fleet of Dynapac machines to handle the increase in number of jobs resulting from Tanzania’s road network expansion.

“Mayanga Contractors Co., Ltd has been using Dynapac machines for more than 20 years, having employed them on several challenging projects. These machines have been integral to the success of all our projects related to asphalt work, soil compaction and infrastructure work, irrespective of different specifications and customer requirements. We have found Dynapac machines such as asphalt pavers, pneumatic and tandem rollers to provide high performance and flexibility with low cost of maintenance. For example, once we needed to use a paver with 9m working width and paving thickness of 40cm, which we could only overcome because we had Dynapac machines. With an expanded fleet, we will have the capability to handle more projects in the future, considering Tanzania has announced major road expansion projects,” says Elias.